• Eatable Volume 02: The Pasta Edition


    Pasta is one thing in life that we couldn’t live without. Twirling spaghetti and ragu around a fork with a good dose of salty cheese? That is pure comfort to us. This issue is our ode to all things pasta.


    Ruth Rogers of the River Cafe in London shares with us memories of a restaurant in the Cinque Terra, serving local pesto pasta. It’s also been a while since we’ve been to Rome, to one of our favourite restaurants, Salumeria Roscioli, so food writer Katie Parla shares chef Nabil Hadj Hassen’s recipe for carbonara, the ultimate Roman classic.


    While the Italians do pasta so well, it really is a universal with many people around the world crafting it, such as Yum Hwa from Singapore’s small pastaficio Ben Fatto 95. Scott McComas-Williams from Ragazzi gives you a couple of different doughs to make various pasta shapes from, and while fresh pasta is amazing, never underestimate the beauty of good-quality dried pasta made to entertain with - see our easy dinner feature. It’s time for some carb-loading.


    Recipes in this issue:

    Chef Nabil Hadj Hassen’s Carbonara

    Uovo in raviolo San Domenico

    Semolina pasta dough

    Simple egg pasta dough

    Pici, roast duck and oyster mushrooms

    Tonnarelli, prawn, ‘nduja

    Busiate, cavolo nero, anchovy, butter

    Capunti, cime di rapa and silverbeet ragu

    Farfalle, mussels and green sauce

    Linguine with anchovy, kale and burrata

    Squid ink pasta with prawns, calamari and pipis

    Conchiglioni with taleggio, hazelnuts

    Mezze maniche all’Amatriciana

    Chicken and risoni soup with salsa verde

    Persian noodle soup

    Smoky swede carbonara

    Quick squash lasagne

    Piquant smoked paprika pasta bake

    Preserved lemon and herb-baked orzo


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