Prep 20 mins

Cook -

Makes about 1 cup

Difficulty 3

Green curry paste

Prep 20 mins

Cook -

Makes about 1 cup

Difficulty 3

This fresh and fragrant green curry is based on the ones found in Thailand, and is made with small green Thai chillies, which might seem hot at first, but lose a bit of heat when cooking. You can reduce the amount if you like less heat. All the ingredients can be found at a Thai grocer, or a good greengrocer.

1 tsp coriander seeds

½ tsp cumin seeds

½ tsp white peppercorns

1 tbsp ginger

1 lemongrass, white part only, finely sliced

Zest of 1 kaffir lime

6 coriander roots, scraped

2 red shallots, coarsely chopped

6 garlic cloves

1 tsp roasted shrimp paste

1 tsp fresh grated turmeric

20 small green chillies, coarsely chopped

A small handful of Thai basil leaves (optional)

1. Dry roast spices in a small frying pan over medium heat to toast until fragrant (10 seconds). Transfer to a mortar and pestle and grind to a fine powder. If you have a strong arm and a large mortar and pestle, you can also pound the remaining ingredients in to create a paste from here. Otherwise, transfer spices remaining ingredients (except leaves) to a jug and using a stick blender, blend until a smooth paste forms, then blend in leaves if using. If the mixture needs, you can add a little water to help blend. Curry paste is best used the day of making, but can also be frozen for later use.



Recipe by Lisa Featherby and image by Eatable.

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